What is Trello? Why do we at the Dave Friedman Team swear by it?

Trello is a simple and accessible web-based operations tool we use to manage all of our transactions. But how does it work?

Every time one of our agents sets an appointment (or an ISA sets an appointment for them), our operations team creates a card on Trello that details important information about the client the appointment is for. They also attach to the card whichever agent or ISA set the appointment. Once the agent meets with the client and they sign a buyer agency or listing agency agreement, they can then move that card from “set” to “met” to “signed.”

The card can then be moved to our “active listing” or “active buyer” board. When it moves to one of these boards, a whole checklist of tasks (e.g., taking pictures of the home) gets added to it that helps us help that client. In addition, our operations team does all kinds of customer service tasks on behalf of our agents so that they can focus on home sales and develop more business. Every time our operations team checks off a task box on that card, the corresponding agent is notified every step of the way.

“Trello is free, so you know it’s the right price.”

Once the client goes under contract, their card gets moved from the active listing or active buyer board to the “contract to close” board. Once it gets moved there, the agent is continuously notified as more tasks (e.g., home inspections) get checked off until closing.

And it all happens through this amazing operations tool. I highly recommend you check out Trello. If you need more examples of how we use Trello to facilitate or home buying and home purchasing processes, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to share them with you.

As always, just call or email me anytime if you have any questions. I look forward to speaking with you.