Above, you’ll find a replay of my full discussion with Frank Klesitz of Vyral Marketing. Here is what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(0:50) My professional story. How I got into real estate and built my company from the ground up.
(5:00) How I took the next step in my business by implementing different systems.
(8:05) How many people I talk to a week and how I went from three to 30 sales a year from my database.
(10:25) How many opt-ins I get every week.
(15:20) What caused my recent increase in production? The conversion of previous leads we already had or the increased attention to my database?
(20:00) How to avoid spam when marketing online.
(21: 50) My take on traditional real estate farming.
(26:45) What do I recommend for you to feed your database?