Join Lane Huntley as he shares his journey to success.

Lane Huntley, Lead Buyer Agent, discusses his experience with the Dave Freeman team for three years. He joined DFT to enhance his real estate business by gaining access to increased leads, marketing, exposure, and training to become one of the better real estate agents.

He loves working in real estate as it allows him to develop skills in time management, communication, and closing deals. It’s also a huge rush and super exciting when he gets a deal under contract and closed on that deal.

“He joined DFT to enhance his real estate business.”

He loves living in Charleston because he can be outside doing outdoor activities. While in many places, he would be stuck inside from November through March, Charleston is the reverse of that, with prime opportunities to be outside. Charleston offers the beach and a school season that runs from February to December, making it a great place to raise a family. Most places in Charleston can be reached in about 30 minutes or less, which is a huge plus for him.

His ideal day in Charleston starts with waking up and going on a bike ride in the West Ashley Greenway, then heading to Sullivan’s Island, particularly Station 30, which offers a family-friendly environment with tidal pools for the kids. He enjoys grabbing lunch at Home Team Barbecue on Sullivan’s Island before getting ready for the evening. He and his family like to explore local restaurants, with Chubby Fish being a favorite.

If they’re not going downtown, they stick around West Ashley and visit some of the breweries. If they’re going to Park Circle, Holy City Brewery is their go-to, offering a super family-friendly environment and good food, along with live music on weekends. When going out, they frequent a number of neighborhood bars in downtown Charleston, such as Royal American or The Commodore, where they can enjoy live music and a great atmosphere.